Frequently Asked Questions

 How Does This Service Work? faq_378x265

When you place an order with us, you are placing an order to use our services to expedite your EU passport. You need to have all the valid citizenship documents (id card, birth certificate etc..) for us to have your passport processed. All we shall need from you is both your Biometric and Biographical information. We shall discreetly hand carry your information, signature and biometrics to a passport agency office where we have direct guaranteed daily availability to process your passport discreetly. So your Passport is validated and issued by our insiders a the EU system.

Why Should I Trust Your Service?  faq_378x265


We are professionals in this and we have discreetly been experditing EU Passports for over 8 years with 100% success. Most of our recent clients are being recommended to us by some old clients. We have experdited EU Passports for famous Celebrities, Politicians, Business men and others. So our service is 100% backed by the end product which is a genuine EU Passport issued by either of the member states which is validated by the authorities.


P.S: Trust in business can only be earned after a fair end to end business. Meanings you can collect / receive your Passport in person from your nearest passport office or embassies. you need to give us your nearest embassy or passport office address when you make the order. That way, Trust is fairly served and we both will have trust in future productions and business. Our service is 100% trust worthy.

can I use Your passport instead of the ones issued by the Authorities ?faq_378x265

Yes. Our passports are 100% as genuine as the passports issued by the EU authorities. The same way that the EU auhorities process passports is the same way that your passport will be produced. Our passports are all processed by the authorities and everything will be genuine, your passport will pass all airport checks and other border controls and should be used the same way that any genuine EU Passport issued by the authorities is being used.
My Biometrics are deposited with the Authorities, Can you still Procdue my passport ? faq_378x265

Yes, that will never be a probelm. In most countries, migrants always submit their information upon entering the Country for official security reasons. If we should produce your EU Passport, then you don’t have nothing to worry about because your submitted information with the authorities has nothing to do with your information with the EU system and it will never cause a setback even in future. So you definitely don’t have nothing to worry about.

After My Passport Expires, How Do I Renew ? faq_378x265

When producing your passport, everything will be genuinely registered in the system and the authorities will always recognize your Passport. So you definitely don’t have nothing to worry about because the same passport is processed and produced by the authorities who will always find your information in the system to renew your passport in case it expires. After the production of your passport, you don’t have nothing connected to our company or services because everything regarding your passport will show genuine from the system. Our only role is in getting your Passport and after then, you will legally use your passport like any other citizen who got their passport from the authorities. So you have every rights to go to the authorities for a renewal of your passport intime of expiration.

I Am Not An EU Citizen But I Want An EU Passport. faq_378x265

It doesn’t matter your location or nationality, we shall have your EU Passport legally and genuinely processed in the system and you shall legally us it without any problem and everything will be processed by the authorities. We do not need any document from you to prove that you are an EU citizen or not before we start with the production of your passport. All we shall need from you for the production of your Passport are both Biometric and Vital information which is the same thing the authorities register in the system for all their citizens.

I Am Located In Another EU Member State but Want A Passport From A Different Member State. faq_378x265

We shall provide both entry and exit stamps on the Passport which will show that you had exited a particular member state and entered another.
But if you’re located outside EU, then we also have to provide your passport with valid Entry & Exit Stamp will show how you got to your present location, but this incures an extra sum. So everything is being done genuine.

If I Do Not Receive My Passport After Making The Payment, Can I Get A Refund? faq_378x265

We are confident with our services and we pride our self with 100% success rate. But incase of any mishap which we have never withnessed, we provide a Moneyback Guarantee. We shall provide any client with his/her refunds if the client does not receive his/her passport or wishes to cancel the order.
If the client wishes to cancel his/her order within 24hours after paying for the order, a 100% refund will be given to the client. But if a refund is demanded by the client after 24hours, we shall refund 80% of the payment as we must have incured loses before refunding the money.

Is This Legal? faq_378x265


Yes, your Passport will be a genuine passport which you will legally use without any problem and the authorities will never have problem with you even in future because your Passport will be just the same as any other passport legally issued by the auhorities. We work closely with inside EU officials although our services is strictly discreet for security reasons. So your Passport will be genuine and you shall legally use it like any other EU citizen without ever havin

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