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We require certain documents (Naturalisation documents; ID Card & Birth Certificate etc) to produce an EU Passport.

The requirements for the production of the Passport is both VITAL/Biographical and BIOMETRIC Information. 


With these Vital and Biometrics, we submit them with an EU production team for processing the Passport. Your biometrics and vitals will be processed and registered under the EU Country’s immigration system with EU verification and validation. So with just the biometrics and vital information, your genuine EU Passport will be produced.

we work directly with officials with EU central immigration who can process Naturalization for some one whith just the Biometrics and Biographics of the person. So if you want an EU Passport or Complete Citizenship Documents ( Passport & ID Card & Naturalisation Certificate ) a complete Naturalisation will be done with you data, providing with your genuine Naturalisation history with you provided data. Thus, you become an EU Chitizen by obtaning an EU Passport from us or by Purchasing the Complete EU Citizenship Package ( Passport & ID Card & Birth Certificate ).




You will provide us with a valid Passport size photo taken from a photobooth or photo studio. The Passport must be of a valid Passport size photo dimension “45mm/35mm” or2inch/2inch.

To submit your photo to us, scan and email as file.



For the Finger prints, buy a BLUE INK, place your 10 fingers on the pad to absorb the ink and then remove the fingers and place on a white sheet of paper. First begin with a single hand “Five Fingers” and then the next “five fingers” of the other hand. Once done with Placing your finger prints on the Paper, to submit the fingerprints, scan and email the paper to us as file.


Biographical refer to information about a person or vital details about the life of a person. An example of biographical information is details about who you are , where you come from , etc


Biometrics refers to metrics related to human charachristics. Biometrics authentication ( or realistic authentication ) is used in computer science as a form of identification and acess control. it is also used to identify individuals in group that are under surveillance. Feature in most Travel and identity Documents


Sign 3 times on a white piece of paper, scan the papaer and email to us.

The signatures MUST be similar and well printed out on a white piece of paper

Vital Details

Personal vital DATA

  1. Surname     
  2. Given name
  3. Date of birth                     
  4. Place of birth
  5. Height
  6. Address
  7. Sex
  8. Status: Single or Married.?

If Married. Prove the Following..

Full Name of Partner

Partner’s Date of Bith

Partner’s Place of Bith

Partner’s Nationality

PARENTS DATA (optional)

Your Father’s Full Name

Father’s Place of Birth

Fahter’s Nationality

Father’s Date of Birth

Your Mother’s Full Name

Mother’s Place of Birth

Mother’s Nationality

Mother’s Date of Birth

To get the additional Information & Place your order, contact us on [email protected]

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