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The following information should be retained by the applicant. By making an Order to the SoldRed.com, or by requesting information from our website www.SoldRed.com, you confirm your consent to these Privacy, Terms & Conditions of Use.

We only cover these 24 Countries:  EU COUNTRIES

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungry, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Netherland, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, UK & Canada.


We offer 100% legal EU Passports being processed by the EU authorities just the same way they process any other EU citizen’s Passport. From the biometric and biographical/vital information we require from our clients, our insiders working with the EU authorities certifies all the information in the system as EU citizen with valid documents. So everything is being approved by the authorities and they proceed with processing your Passport under express category providing us with your genuine EU Passport in 17 To 18 working days once we send in your information.

After your passport expires, you have every legal rights to go to the authorities for a renewal as all your information will be traceable in the system and your Naturalization history will be seen valid.

NOTE; You deal with us ends after you receive your passport. Our helps is just to get you genuine EU Passport. So you should refer to the authorities in case of Passport lost or expires, Because once the authorities detect your information in the system with valid Naturalization, they have no other choice but to classify your passport as genuine and renew or re-do your passport. So dear client, our Service is 100% genuine and Risk Free. 


We do not use any order or contact form, all contacts are via either direct EMAIL. Our recommended contact method is email as it is 100% secure which can not be accessed by any third party or even send in traceable links or hack spam tools. When depositing your information with our EU insiders, we walk in your information into the EU insiders using a flashdrive and they proceed with processing your passport as they are processing other EU citizens passports where they have to register your information in the database system and proceed with the hard copy production. So your passport passes through the same production stages that any other EU Passport will pass. Your information comes to us through our secured email system from you and we discreetly walk your information to our insiders at the EU system who are incharge of processing your passport. Once the insiders are done with the production of your passport within 17 to 18 working days atmost. Our delivery is 100% secure and discreet with a delivery time of 48 – 72 hours atmost via DHL or FedEx OR you can collect your Passport in person your nearest Embassy.

We guarantee 100% smooth and clean service and assures a legal use of the Passport. Your passport will be processed by Immigration experts working with the EU immigration , so everything will be genuine as it will pass through the valid production process which is database registration and hard copy production and everything will be genuine and verifiable. All the processes that are involved in producing your passport are done by our insiders at the EU system, so everything will remain genuine with your passport and you can legally use.

Our insiders do not require naturalization documents or id card, birth certificate and more to produce your passport. All they need is your fingerprints, photo and vital information and they will process your information in the system legally just like the authorities.



We demand such prices due to the services we offer in getting your genuine EU Passport. since NONE of the naturalization or citizenship documents will be coming from you, we have a team insiders at the European Union Central who registers your provided BIOMETRIC AND BIOGRAPHICAL information and process your passport legally. Our price depicts the services we offer.


PAYMENT TERMS:                  

As we give very sensitive service, for security purposes we required Payment upfront before we proceed with the production of your Passport. Once payment is confirmed by us, we shall proceed to our inside team at the EU central immigration system to have your information transmitted to them for the processing and production of your passport which takes at most 17 to 18 working days.
After a complete production of your passport, we proceed your passport with Tracking delivery OR you can collect your passport in person from your nearest Embassy.
PAYMENT METHODS:                          
We accept payment via 3 Payment modes: 
1Bank Transfer(Bank Account Payment) in UK & Irealnd. 
2) Money Transfer (Western Union )
3) Money Transfer (Moneygram )
So it will be your choice of payment mode from the above listed and we shall provide you with information to pay using your preferred payment method.


We guarantee all our clients of part or full return of their money if we do not provide them with a genuine EU Passport with their desired information which they paid for.

1– If you are asking a refund of your money just after payment when we haven’t started with the production of your Passport, 100% of your money will be refunded to you.

2– But if you are asking a refund of your money after your passport is already being processed, 80% of your money will be refunded to you instead of the 100%. This 20% is to incur for the production looses that could be encountered during the time of processing your passport.

3– But if after complete production and your passport does not arrive you for any reason which is not of your fault, we guarantee a 100% refund if the client demands a refund or we restart processing the clients passport and resend without the client paying any additional fee.

The following information should be retained by the applicant. By making an Order to the SOLDRED.COM , or by requesting information from our website SoldRed.com, you confirm your consent to these Privacy, Terms & Conditions of Use.
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