Shania Belle,

Venice, Italy

I almost thought it would be impossible and i was just wasting my money to fraudsters. But i got all amazed when i received my passport but never wanted to rush into conclusion for it might be a fake one. I decided to follow the instructions to verify the passport using the diskette and the code and to my greatest surprise, i saw my name and after clicking on it, my photo displayed with all my information including my fingerprints and signature. So i never hesitated but i started packing my stuffs to travel the next day. Thank you guys. the price is worth it!!! Much love.. La Belle

Md. Farel,

Valleta, Malta

Awesome service like i have never seen. I never thought some one would have a genuine EU passport without being an EU citizen. . I heard about your service from a friend on 20th February 2016 and i have been saving uptill now to be able to get your passport. I and my family have now moved to Malta from UK with your Paspsorts. I am grateful with your service and i will definitely recommend a friend in distress as i was. May Allah bless your company.

Klin Dolf,

Salzburg, Austria

I highly recommend this Company if you need an EU passport!! They kept me up to date on the passport processing and my passport was delivered on the date I was told. Great customer service and always answered my questions fast, accurate and with courtesy. Thank you very much

Omar Jahel,

Riga, Latvia

Hello company, may Allah see you through as you have seen me through with my Latvian Passport. I will make sure to have all friends and brothers in UK who don’t have documents order a passport from you. Your service has helped my family and i and it will help millions of people facing similar problems i did faced. I am forever grateful with your service.

Fillipo Zainord,

Bucharest, Romania

Words Can not discribe your services. I am a Tourist  from Mexico and i really wanted to easily explore Europe. Thanks to you guys, with my Romanian passport, i am sure to travel the whole EU without having problem. I am grateful indeed and i met some Mexican friends here in Romania and they promisse to contact you guys once they have the complete sum of money. I salude your professionalism. Thank you.

Renata Mialine,

Bratislava, Slovakia

I doubted your company because it all seemed impossible. But after i went to th consulate and they were able to verify my passport, i immidiately called my brother and informed him to place his order as soon as possible because the passport is genuine and legal. I am short of words, but i am not short of recommending your services to other out here. I appreciate your whole service.

Bernard Harrison,

Stockholm, Sweden

Wow!!! Your service is like a dream come true. To me the amount i paid for the passport is way smaller compared to the passport. I will definitely bring in much more clients but will ask for a higher price from them and will always be a middle man for all clients. The worth of your service can not be explained. Thanks i now have my Swedish Passport and will make a good amount of money working with you guys as a middle man and i will bring in much more clients as i know of many searching for your services.

Araj Kumar,

London, UK

Brothers, i greet you with all my heart. The truth is, my wife found your website and mentioned it to me, but i refused to give in because a friend of mine had been scammed before by some fraudsters who claimed to produce documents. My wife pressured me until we gave in to start with my wife’s passport first and she opted to pay the whole amount by her self. But i guess i was wrong. My wife got her genuine UK passport before we ordered the last 3 for my 2 sons and i. We thank your company very much.

Phillipe Gomez,

Paris, France

I got my EU Passport and i am now travelling within europe like i own it. Thanks alot. I recommended your services to some 5 friends of mine and they called to inform me that they got their passports and everything is genuine. So they will also travel to meet me here in France. Be sure to receive more clients because i will personally recommend your service to all my friends.

Sylvie Jamia,

Helsinki, Finland

Howdy!!! I am soo exited and just wish i could meet with one of you to show you how grateful i am with your service. I am single 26years and money is definitely not my problem. That is why i never borthered to pay instalmentally. I decided to pay in full before you start with the production of my passpor because the money is not my problem. I just wanted your service and i am soo grateful to have my Passport. I will definitely travel to Portugal to atleat meet one of your team members to sho my gratitute. Thanks guys.. 

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